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can't sleep

Maybe I should update, considering I've been slackin' like woah....

Well... let's see.... I moved out and I have an apartment now in warren.. I need a new job.. the one I have right now is not giving me near as many hours as I need  :/

There are a million shows coming up that I'm super excited for:

  • Mar. 26th - Head Automatica (toledo) special guest Anderw W.K.
  • Mar. 27th - Promise Falls, For The Best
  • Mar. 31st - Hopesfall, From Autumn To Ashes (toledo)
  • Apr. 2nd - Funeral For A Friend / Promise Falls / THE BLED (Milwaukee)
  • Apr. 3rd - Promise Falls
  • Apr. 8th - The Kinison/Promise Falls?
  • Apr. 14th - The Beautiful Mistake
  • Apr. 16th -18th - Skate and Surf Fest (New Jersey)
  • Apr. 23rd - THE BLED, A Static Lullaby
  • Apr. 24th - Eighteen Visions
  • Apr. 25th - pt-dub
  • Apr. 25th - pt-dub (Chicago)

And about 8 of those shows will be FREE BITCHES!!! That the only reason I can go to them since I'm so damn poor....   :)  unfortunetly I'm not going to all of these shows.. :( most of them...  all except funeral for a friend, and 18v....

Pizza Parties are the SHIT!! if you ever mixed a Mobile Dance Party with a Pizza Party that would be the hottest shit EVER!!

Well I have to work in the morning :( so I better get some sleep.... I attempted but it just didn't work out well.. so I came online and BLAM here I am updating... bedtime for Miss Missy

Goodnight..... <333


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