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Well I haven't updated for real in a while... Let's see, I moved out and I got an apartment out in warren.... I worked for 10 hours yesterday... I have to work again today at 5 :(..... hm, my sister's birthday is in 7 DAYS!! :D wahoo!!

This morning when I woke up I told Jon "I wanna puppy" so now I really want to get a puppy. I don't know why or what kind, I just know I really want to get a puppy now.. and I WILL!!!!!!

Nothing too exciting has been goin' on unfortunetly... BUT there are a lot of good shows coming up which excites me!! As of right now we're planning on going to Skate and Surf in april. And on top of the 967382948567 bands that are playing at skate and surf there are other sweet shows that are coming here including pt-dub!! oh yeah! guess who will be on the list for that show?!?! yeeeeaaaahh

well this is all for now my journal suckssss asssssss so see ya
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