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well I guess it's about time for an update.... of course it will "suck" since my journal is "sucks" and I should take it down... Grrr!!

anyway shows shows shows

Mar. 26th - Head Automatica (toledo) special guest Anderw W.K.
Mar. 31st - Hopesfall, From Autumn To Ashes (toledo)
Apr. 2nd - Funeral For A Friend /or/ Promise Falls /OR/ THE BLED (Milwaukee)
Apr. 8th - The Kinison
Apr. 14th - The Beautiful Mistake

Apr. 23rd - THE BLED/A Static Lullaby
Apr. 24th - Eighteen Visions
Apr. 25th - pt-dub/thursday/spitalfield
Apr. 26th - pt-dub/thursday/spitalfield (Chicago)

May 2: Some bad bands that Lou is touring with
May 12: From Autumn to Ashes/Atreyu OR Alexisonfire/Emery.
May 16: The Kinison/Every Time I Die (London, ONT)
May 18: The Kinison/Every Time I Die

hm... decisions decisions decisions...
bold=free or possibly free...

I've been pretty busy lately, kinda sucks but I get used to it. Shana and I went tanning today fun stuff.. oh man there is some new hott shit I know you're dyin for and it's going to be the shit (right shay?) just wait... ooo man

I'm really sleepy so I guess I don't have much more to write, I'm going to get some shut eye. nite
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