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I felt the need to update, so here I am! I'm not sure what I really have to update about but I'm sure I'll start rambling on about something...

hmm.... my weekend was alright I guess I can say... friday I worked.. I don't remember what I did friday night too far back....... Saturday, valentine's day.. I didn't do much, I sat at home until Jon suprised me with my TEDDY BEAR from build a bear workshop... it's the softest teddy bear around so HA! It's sooo cute, it's in my icon now :)...... Later I went to work, I worked the "rose table" where heather and I sold roses and truffles.... we had to dress up it was a good time...

Sunday Jon, lil' John, and I went to value world's.... it was quite fun, at one of the value world's I discovered a pair of jeans that was HUUGGEE.. I turned to lil' John and said "oh man we could both fit in these" then he said "let's do it" so we did, John was in the left leg and he made just his left foot come out the bottom, and I was in the right leg with my right foot out the bottom... WE ACTUALLY BUTTONED THE PANTS!! and there was still room left... so I hopped, then he hopped as if we were walking. we were dying laughing it was grrrreat, Jon was sittin in the isle laughin' his ass off as John and I are trying to walk in these damn things... so we fell because we were laughing and stuff, we look up, and we've got an audience... it was the shit... there were people just coming over to the isle just to watch us! ha, it was pretty damn sweet! After that we went to Best Pets, sadly their iguana's did not look all that well, I told the guy, he thanked me and is trying to help them out! YAY.... John is in love with this cute ferret... uh, later we went to the mall got subway, looked at the puppies, and got ice cream... went back to Jon's watch some tv and then pretty much called it a night...

Today I went over to Jon's hungout over there for a little while... Threw gatorade all over the living room, lol and that was that... Went to work... worked....Went to Meijer with Sha-na-na-na-na.... good stuff.....OH YEAH and on the way home from meijer, I was like "man I wish yeah would come on the damn radio, we should just call and request it" Then I put it on 95.5 and BAM whadya know it just starts!! AWESOME!! (shana I NEED that song on cd. :) ) Came home, and now I can't sleep.. I shouldn't of drank that damn coffee at work earlier.. it really really sucks, because I have to work tomorrow at 12 and I'm gunna be tired as shit then I'm leaving right from work to go to Poison The Well... mmm yeah, I can't wait!

it is now 3:32 A friggin' M!!! grr.....

well at least I wear my sunglasses at night so I can..... ha..

ookkkaaayy I think that is it for me for the night, I have to go force my eyes to close and my brain to dream now... it's my only choice

nitie nite
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