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this sucks

this morning I had to get up so damn early to go to some "power breakfast" for work, it was alright, we got paid for it so it's all good.... I came home around 11:20 or so and I went back to sleep.. I woke up about an hour ago and I have to leave in like 10 minutes, THIS SUCKS I want more sleep... to top it all off I'm closing tonight, so I'm basically going to die.... I only got 3 hours of sleep thursday night, and like 7 last night... and I slept a few today, but I still need more sleep I need to catch up on my sleep like whoa!

Well I'm workin with Shana and Jon tonight, so hopefully it will be a good time.

I don't really have much else to write about because I'm tired and I have to get dressed and leave for the theater.... I hope I see someone famous tonight, that will make my week.. that would be 2 famous people in a weekend sorta, that would be amazing.. ha well whatever Promise Falls will be famous soon and then I can just meet all the other famous people and live happily ever after.... I am obsessed...

welp, peace out
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