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Well..... yesterday....... STEPHANIE from Ettison Clio CALLED ME!! BOOYA!!! You know you're all jealous!!! lol, anyway she called me, we talked, set up shows....yada yada yada! I hung out with Mistajon for a while... I went home did nothing for a little bit, then Jon came over and we went to meijer to get a calander for Promise Falls, and some caaannnnddyyy!! Afterward we went to see "you got served" it was alright, I just liked the dancing!! it was totally sweet!!!! Came home and yeah.... showered, decorated the calander, and stuff...

today I woke up and had some running around to do this morning :/ unfortunetly... but it wasn't too bad because it's actually decent outside... it's not freezing!! well I'm going to hang out with Jon for a little while, then go to stupid dumb work! :( I work at 6.. I haven't worked in soooo long it's like when I was in school and there's all of those breaks and you never wanna go back to school again... that's how I feel about work just cuz I haven't been there in a while.. lol I know once I'm there it won't bother me, but whatever it's all good.. I NEED MONEY!!!! I need to save all my money for Alaska... In June I'm going with Jon and his family to Alaska, I'm so excited that they invited me!! I've never been there and it's Alaska it just sounds cool, hah.. yeah I'm a dork whatever... but I'm going to go feed sobe, so I can leave...

peace out
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